04 June 2024

Bouty: 75 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Commercial Furniture

In 2024, Bouty celebrates its 75th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in the history of this family-owned business that has evolved and reinvented itself over the decades. Founded in 1949 by Mr. Eugène Bouthillier, Bouty has grown from a small residential upholstery company to a major player in the commercial office furniture sector. Let’s look back at the key moments of this exceptional journey.


The Beginnings: A Family Passion

Mr. Eugène Bouthillier founded Bouty with a clear vision: to create high-quality seating offering unparalleled comfort. The company found its niche in the furniture market, building a solid reputation through the passion and dedication of the Bouthillier family.

Expansion Into the Commercial Market

In 1969, seeing an interesting opportunity, Bouty made a strategic shift by focusing on the manufacture of office furniture for the commercial market. From multi-purpose chairs to executive chairs and lounge furniture, Bouty aimed to stand out with unparalleled product quality and impeccable service. This repositioning was an immediate success, propelling the company into a new era of growth.


The Era of Succession: Josée and Sylvie Bouthillier

In 1985, Mr. Bouthillier’s daughters, Josée and Sylvie, officially joined the company. Their arrival not only ensured a qualified succession but also brought a new dynamic. The Bouthillier sisters modernized the company’s marketing by creating attractive product catalogs, participating in professional trade shows, and increasing appearances in well-known industry magazines. They also recruited an ambitious sales force, contributing to Bouty’s continued growth.

Timeless Icons

In 1997, the company launched the Circus and Quatra chairs, with the latter quickly becoming one of the company’s most popular models. To this day, the Quatra remains a well-recognized model for Bouty and continues to be one of the bestsellers.

New Developments and Partnerships

In 2005, Bouty designed the armrest 99, an innovative model with lateral adjustment. That same year, the company signed an exclusive contract with Hydro-Québec, which was Bouty’s largest contract at the time. Several contracts with Hydro-Québec have been renewed since, highlighting Bouty’s ability to maintain long-term business relationships with major clients.


The arrival of Mr. Éric Morin in 2009, who acquired the company, marked a new phase. Aware of the challenges posed by the economic crisis and the rapid evolution of the industry with the rise of the internet, Mr. Morin focused on innovation and reducing production times. This period saw the introduction of the Arista, Neos, and Xylo models.


Looking to expand into new markets, Bouty initiated discussions with the German company Viasit. In 2010, this partnership was solidified with a contract with the University of Montreal for their new campus in Laval. This project involved the use of several models from the Linea collection, which was quickly integrated into Bouty’s offering.

A New Brand Image for a New Era

In 2011, Bouty launched a new brand image to reaffirm its market presence. This visual and strategic transformation aimed to modernize the company’s identity and better reflect its commitment to innovation, quality, and design. The new brand image, along with strategic partnerships, demonstrated Bouty’s desire to continue evolving and meeting customer expectations in a constantly changing market.

Expansion and Modernization

In 2013, Bouty moved to Salk Street in Montreal North to increase its production capacity. This move was followed by new partnerships with renowned design firms, leading to the creation of the Kendo and Agio models, among others.


In 2016, Mr. Morin acquired ADI Art Design International, a perfect alliance that opened the doors to the American market.

Resilience and Adaptation

During the COVID-19 crisis, Bouty maintained its status as an essential service, continuing its production and product development. The Sano products were introduced to meet the new needs generated by the crisis.


In 2023, the company moved to the Metropolitan Boulevard East in Saint-Léonard, once again optimizing its production. That same year, Mr. Morin launched Dessana, bringing together four renowned companies to offer the best products aimed at creating well-being in all living spaces.


Celebrating 75 Years

In 2024, Bouty celebrates its 75th anniversary. Proud of its journey and accomplishments, the company continues to look to the future with a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and quality, remaining the benchmark for workplace comfort.


Bouty, with over seven decades of history, innovation, and dedication, thanks its customers, partners, and employees for their continued support and looks forward to what the future holds.


Happy 75th anniversary, Bouty!