Bouty manufactures products that meet the ergonomic standards of the Canadian General Standards Board. The materials required to manufacture the chairs and armchairs come from recognized suppliers with whom we have excellent relations, and the selection of components is made in a rigorous manner. Bouty gives priority to Quebec and Canadian manufacturers for its raw material purchases.


Bouty developed its environmental policy in 2005. The company is formally committed to conducting its activities in a responsible manner by reducing the potentially negative impacts of its operations on the environment. The following elements are included in this policy:

  • Carry out its activities in a manner that meets current municipal, provincial and federal environmental legal requirements, as well as other environmental requirements to which it has subscribed;
  • Identify employee responsibilities and obligations to encourage safe and environmentally sound work practices;
  • Monitor the effectiveness and review environmental programs for continuous improvement;
  • Sell products made primarily of materials from environmentally responsible suppliers;
  • Promoting pollution prevention and reducing our impact on the environment.


Bouty is also pursuing other concrete initiatives such as paper reduction and energy saving. It has recently set up a recycling program for leather scraps, offering them to Bagnole, a company that makes bags from recycled materials.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

To achieve such convincing results, Bouty uses non-endangered wood species from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests in the manufacture of each chair. Also, all molded and cut foams of Bouty armchairs are free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).

EcoLogo Certification

Following this accomplishment, Bouty undertook the EcoLogo certification process, which ended in June 2008 with the awarding of EcoLogo CCD-033 terrachoice furniture certification for the Quatra line of chairs. The EcoLogo eco-label, which is part of Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program (ECP), guarantees an environmentally friendly product. In addition, it certifies that the criteria according to which products are certified take into account all potential environmental impacts for the entire life cycle of the product.

Indoor Advantage Gold

To facilitate the recognition of LEED projects, the company obtains the Indoor Advantage Gold certification for all its products. This certification is aligned with ANSI/BIFMA M7.1, X7.1 and CA01350 standards.

BIFMA Level 2

Bouty has several products certified Level 2 by BIFMA

Representative models have been assessed per category based on top selling models.

Social Responsibility

At Bouty, we aim to offer our employees and customers a guarantee of service that includes environmental and social responsibility. We are convinced that the very essence of our work must be inspired by the principles of sustainable development.

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