30 January 2024

Activ | More Than Just a Stool

Whether you’re in a virtual meeting, writing an important report or simply relaxing, Activ gives you the flexibility you need to stay in action. Bouty adds this new dynamic stool to its product range, redefining the way you work.

Stay in Action with Activ

Activ isn’t just a stool – it’s an everyday tool. Designed to enable you to adopt a sitting or standing posture with a single product, while allowing freedom of movement thanks to its mobile base. This seat offers you a versatile solution that combines the benefits of standing work with those of working on an exercise ball. Indeed, both ways of working have positive effects on stabilizing muscles, circulation, the spine and much more.

Comfort and Style Combined

Two options will be offered for this new product:

  • A standard version with a black base and charcoal grey fabric will be available under the code ATTN.
  • A version where you can select between a black, pale grey and green base and the fabric of your choice under the codes ATBN, ATBG and ATBV.

A perfect solution for personalizing your workspace to your own preferences. The seat is made of foam for supportive comfort and the mobile base guarantees ergonomic support, keeping you focused and energized throughout the day.

Product Features

  • Choice of base colours: Three plastic base colours – black, pale grey and green – let you customize your stool to suit your style.
  • Dynamic design: The curved, high-performance plastic base offers freedom of movement, complemented by a non-slip rubber foot.
  • Height adjustment: An ingenious mechanism allows easy adjustment of seat height using a gas lift, offering an extension of up to 97/8
  • Shipped unassembled: Activ is shipped unassembled for your convenience. Follow our clear, simple instructions to assemble your stool in just a few quick steps.


Don’t just sit back, take action with Activ. Unleash your creativity, enhance your productivity and transform your workspace with the dynamic stool that redefines standards. Activ is available now!

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